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What are you doing?

- Hey, what’s up? What are you doing today?

The problem with that question “What are you doing?” is that we ask it almost every day to the people we care about (if you haven’t given up yet, or if someone else does it in your group).

When we want to plan something with friends and family, it’s usually the first question we ask them if we go straight to the point.

… waiting for the answer

Then, we will chat to plan an activity. By the way, during that chat, maybe it’s not yet a yes or a no!

We propose a solution to be faster with the planning app Twelve.

Twelve is a new app to skip the wasting of time. Don’t bother asking if people are free nor when… Forget all of that. Directly discover and share availability with your friends. Contact and be contacted by the right people among your large community and lose that tiring habit of asking and waiting for an answer.

Why would I need Twelve?

It makes your life easier in so many ways for planning. Before even planning, you can know who is free and if it’s worth trying to plan anything on that day.

What is the Twelve app?

Twelve is a messaging app based on sharing availability during the next 12 hours. The vision is to open one page of an app and contact the right person without any additional barrier nor making big plans.

Use the shared calendar to post what plans are in your mind and when you are free. By sharing them on Twelve, you will create a unique place where people can reach you to plan the small activities of everyday life (that represents 90% of your life).

The planning strategy of Twelve

The availability is just an open window for your friends. No asking lets people time to think about the opportunity without any pressure and to answer if needed.

No wasting of time with pointless chatting, Twelve guarantees you to chat on purpose, based on opportunities, and only with people that you are going to see and who have a place in your real life.

Why is it better than group chats to arrange meetings?

But wait, I can ask my friends in a group when they are free, and that’s it?

Twelve provides real visibility of the day through the next 12 hours. It is possible to share several plans during the day, and the information of place and hour would stay clear for everyone. While, in any group messages, the information might be lost.

Twelve also allows for small availability that usually doesn’t worth bothering and spamming people in the chats. For example, “chilling”, “free for a coffee”, “free for a zoom call” and so on. Sharing such opportunities creates better interaction with your community and is perfectly suited for planning activities for students or in associations.

Twelve is easy to install and try. There is no login.

No login, no signup.