Twelve is a chat app with no phone number nor login

Twelve is a free chat app without a phone number nor login.

One of the most annoying things, when we want to try a new app or any digital product, is registration. It may take time, and there is always that uncomfortable feeling when we don’t trust or like a product yet, and we must provide our identity. All of that only to discover a new product or service that we might not like and uninstall immediately.

Twelve is a new chat app, free and secure, that is allowing every user to use the app without phone number nor any signup, log in. Once installed, the users can choose their username and pick one picture (optional) while remaining anonymous if desired.

What is Twelve?

Twelve a free messaging app, on Android and iPhone, combined with a shared calendar. The app is composed of one main page that is a calendar where each user can share its availability with his friends. Each availability is discovered by the users, in the private chats as hint messages.

The users of Twelve can publish very easily and quickly when they will be available. Their friends can react to any availability and reach them instantly in the app with private messaging.

One goal of Twelve is to minimize the time we spend looking for our friends and family when we are free to do something. When someone is spontaneously free in like 2 hours, it is hard to ask people if they are available without spamming in chat groups and sends messages that will receive a negative answer for many of them.

Moreover, with time, such behavior disappears because of a lack of motivation to do that process every day. That is leading to the loss of great connections and loneliness while there are friends who are available at the same time. Then, aware of that problem, Twelve helps people to reach out at the right moment for the right reason.

Why is there no classical signup?

Twelve aims to make as easy as possible the first interaction with the app. So there is no time lost in registration. No phone number, no signup or login. The accounts of all users are automatically registered by the system, with a secret and internal ID.

On many platforms, the registration process makes a high percentage of users abandon the service without even finishing the registration.

Thus, developers noticed that asking personal information is devastating for early user experience. People want things to be fast and easy on new products.

Is Twelve a secure messaging app?

Twelve uses a unique technology named Condensation. Condensation is an open-source data system that implements end-to-end encryption.

The level of security of the app is very high. Each user has a unique and secret encryption key that is kept on his phone and never shared with the network.

When a user sends a message to another one, he encrypts his message in a unique way that only his only particular friend can decrypt. With such technologies, the message stays secure during all its transfer through the network. Even if a hacker can catch that message, because the network might be corrupt, the hacker will be unable to read it because all he will get is a list of letters and numbers with absolutely no clue to decrypt it.

At the end of the process, the friend receives the message, and it can be decrypted only by him.

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