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Get notified once your friends are free.

A silent notification, meaning that it doesn't make any sound or vibration, is designed to keep you informed of how many friends will be available to do something with you.

By clicking on that notification, the app opens, and the user can chat about any availability.

Twelve aims to simplify communication between friends, family, or colleagues around real plans that are usually unknown.

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Share when you are available.

Use the shared calendar of Twelve to post when you are free and what activities are in your mind.

By sharing them on Twelve, you create a unique place where your friends can discover your plans and chat with you to plan activities.

Easily get an overview of all your available friends.

The list of available friends is available from the shared calendar. It allows the users of Twelve to contact the right friend to plan a meeting.

The first goal of Twelve is to allow its users to find and see friends most easily and naturally.


Twelve is a free chat app without a phone number nor login.

Twelve is a new chat app, free and secure, that is allowing every user to use the app without phone number nor any signup, log in.

Once installed, the users can choose their username and pick one picture (optional) while remaining anonymous if desired.

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Welcome to Twelve!
ensured by
end-to-end encryption

End-to-end encryption secures the app Twelve.

Such security is one feature of Condensation, a data system used for Twelve. It is a general-purpose distributed data system with conflict-free synchronization and inherent end-to-end security.

Privacy protected

Data is encrypted and decrypted into the app by the use of a private and unique safety key for each user. It is protected during all exchanges even if the network is compromised.

Fluid experience

Condensation uses a distributed architecture. Queries are shared between several independent servers for efficient data transfer. This process ensures the fluidity of the network and minimal loading time for users.

Low battery and data consumption

Data is seamlessly synchronized into the application to optimize treatment. Only changes are transferred through the network to minimize the quantity of exchanged queries.

Share link

Share your link id to add friends.

Twelve provides you a unique link that you can copy and paste anywhere you want to share it with your friends.

By clicking on it, the app opens, and you both are on each other friend's list.

Such a system allows any user of Twelve to jump above the classical adding/accepting step when creating a friend's list.

Set the right time
and change it effortlessly

A scheduling app with simple interactions.

Too busy to take news? Twelve allows its users to keep in touch with their friends...

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