A secured and shared calendar app
for friends and family

Screenshot of the shared calendar of Twelve.

What is Twelve?

your available friends

Twelve is a secured and shared calendar app connected with your friends and family. Instantly contact the right people, available at the same time as you, plan activities, see your friends and build a strong social interaction.

The timetable of Twelve used to share availability.


Write a message and drag it at the time you want.

Share your plans and when you are available in your calendar. Twelve is a social app allowing you to plan your free time by leaving a message, linked with time, that your friends are free to see.


Contact and see your available friends.

Direct and private messaging allows your friends to react to your availabilities to see you. Never miss opportunities again, chat with the people you love, and also reconnect with old ones at the right moment to plan activities.

Twelve messages used to plan and easily meet friends.

you are invited

Twelve app, friend's list.

at the right moment

Don’t leave great connections to disappear with time because of a lack of communication. Use the shared calendar of Twelve to find the people who matter to you.

You are probably not aware that there are friends available at the same time as you. Don’t miss the opportunity. Plan great moments with your friends, family, and colleagues.


a scheduling app for groups

Don’t forget the great moments you shared with your friends and family.

Use the scheduling app to discover new availability and also swipe through past ones. Remember what happened and get inspired to plan new activities and holidays with the people who matter.

Check out these memories and also suggestions from the app for futures activities to plan. You can add these suggestions anywhere in your calendar with a simple tap.

Screenshot of the shared calendar of Twelve.
Twelve application logo Twelve now
12 contacts available today

Get notified once your friends are free to see you.

Find friends who are free and chat with the right people to plan meetings or join them at the right moment.

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Available for

Use the calendar to post what plans are in your mind.

Post your availability in your shared calendar and manage your activities according to the chats with your friends.

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